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Piano accordion solo

In 2015 Leon Albert made an album with the piano accordion as solo instrument. It contains a variety of works from classical, jazz, French musette, tango, folk music and own compositions.

Cafe Late Cd1
Cafe Late Cd2
Cafe Late Cd3


Musical compositions of Uys Krige’s poems.

In 2010 Leon Albert completed an album with poems of Uys Krige set to music, called GOUE EEUE (“GOLDEN CENTURIES”).

It coincided with the 100-year commemoration of Uys Krige’s birthday in 1910.

The announcement of the CD was made on 26 February 2010 at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch with the memorial event: Uys Krige in Our Inner Circle.

Goue Eeue was adapted into a music theatre production with Leon on vocals, piano, accordion and guitar and was performed at various theatres and functions, including:

  • Aan de Braak Theatre
  • Dorpstraat Restaurant Theatre
  • Pierneef Theatre
  • 2011 Woordfees etc.
Goue Eeue Cd2
Goue Eeue Cd1
Goue Eeue Cd3
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